Published Apr. 07. 2020

The Bank and Savings Museum

Show your artmoney at a museum

Dear Artmoney Artist,

Artmoney has received an exciting invitation for a collaboration on a special exhibition from the Bank and Savings Museum in Heerings Gård near Christianshavns Torv in Copenhagen, Denmark – an oppotunity that I hope many artists will grap, which means that some of your artmoney can be exhibited at a museum!

More info will come as soon as possible. This message is meant as an "early warning"

Right now, the exhibition is being planned, and of course, with the current Corona situation, there are also some uncertainties.

You will have the opportunity to have 10 artmoney in the exhibition and the museum is open to allow us for sales. The subject is free, but the size will be standard artmoney format. New artmoney are preferred, but that is not a prerequisite. Diversity is welcome.

The Artmoney part of the exhibition will be worth a visit in itself but will also be part of a discussion about what money and values ​​really is.

Family exhibition with working title "Do money grow on trees?"

Exhibition period: Expectations are from approx. September 1, 2020 to August 2021. A thought is to replace the exhibition approx. March or April, 2021. During the remaining exhibition period, the exhibition will have a theme.

With best regards

Lars Christian Kraemmer /

The Bank and Savings Museum is part of the Copenhagen Museums. Read more HERE