At the ARTMONEY GALLERY you can purchase artmoney made by a vide range of artists at the fixed prise of only 200 Danish Kroner.

ARTMONEY GALLERY is also the global artmoney office and the private studio of Lars Christian Kræmmer

The gallery produce exhibitions and sell art. Follow the course of events on Facebook.

It is located behind a store front window near Copenhagen City center in walking distance from the Forum Metro and Bus 2A (H.C. Ørstedsvej - stop).

Artmoney Gallery can be rented for a book release, an exhibition or art-related events.

Price for rental:

  • Reception (four hours), kr. 1000 + vat
  • Weekend pop-up shop, kr. 2500 + vat
  • Exhibition (one week), kr. 3000 + vat


Rosenørns Allé 44


Phone: +45 24251777

Open by appointmet, but it is often open between 10am-5pm