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Educated in the 1970's at Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket by Danish artist R. Askov-Jensen. I am inspired by the music of colours: colour is sound to be seen and sound is colour to be heard. Artmoney offers me the opportunity to engage in a miniature musical of colours with different fabrics using my sewing machine; the bits of fabric are not fixed to the base from the start, the art piece grows during the work.

Artmoney exhibitions:
Manhattan, New York 2013.
Sencored Artmoney exhibition Bredgade 22, Copenhagen 2013.
Berlin 2014.
Bredgade 22, Copenhagen 2014.
Galleri Art Expo 2015.
Bredgade 22, Copenhagen 2015.
Bredgade 22, Copenhagen 2016.
"Mønter i Aalborg",Møntbørsen Aalborg 2017.
Artmoney 20 års jubilæumsudstilling, Randers 2017
Artmoney Copenhagen 2017,
Torshavn Faroe Islands 2017.
PM Kunst, Randers 2017.
CPH Art Space 2018.
Sønderborg 2018.
Las Palmas 2018.
Artmoney Gallery, 2018-2019.
CPH Art Space 2019.
Randers, Brødregade 2, 2019
Randers, Fru Hansens Gallerister i Drastrup 2019
Handest, Minvenkatten Hobro 2019-
Frederiksberg, "Blue", 2019
Cph Art Space 2020