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The cores of life.

  • My art is focused on paintings, drawings and photos, but I too like to do set directing and installations.  At the moment I am focused on nature’s power, which can be seen in my paintings as well as my technic. Since 2005 I have had several exhibitions at galleries and museums  in Denmark and abroad (Berlin, New York, London, Malmoe)
  • Art reviewer Kirsten-Marie Hedeland writes about my art: The paintings are sizzling and bobbling of energy and movements, as if they showed us the beginning of life and nature’s power. 
  • Exhibition 2014: Art Expo, Aarhus -  Art Gallery PS,  Aarhus - ASE, Copenhagen -  Art Gallery Dencker&Schneider,Berlin - Frandsens Fabrik, Esbjerg - Niebüll, Germany -  Kennedy Centret, Copenhagen -  Kunstvejen, Vejen -  Syddanske Medier, Esbjerg - Galleri Blaa, Esbjerg.                                                                                                       2015: New Artist Fair, London - Fanoe Kunstfestival 2015, Fanoe - .
  • 2016 Kunsthal vARTe, Varde, Rørpost samarbejde med kunstnere fra Houston, Texas udstillinger Esbjerg Rådhus, UC-Syd, Esbjerg, Art Car Museum, Houston, City Hall , Houston, Colorida Art, Portugal,jernstøberiet Ribe, X-perimentet, Esbjerg
  • 2017 Hjerting tandplejeklinik, Esbjerg, Rørpost City Hall , Houston, Bramminge Egnsmuseum, Rørpost samarbejde med kunstnere fra Halifax, Canada
  • Published 1).“Egyptian Myths” – Created 10 books containing animation and story telling for Gyldendal   2) "Kunstprofiler 2013"   3) "Ordbilleder om Kærlighed" Pictures and poetry by me, Forlaget GAL,2014  4) InternationalContemporary artist Vol X, ICA Publishing 2015  5) 101 kunstnere 2016