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I am an artist and an architect. My work is focused on cities and the urban universe, an old passion, that lead me to study architecture and urbanism. Along my graduation years, I started to give form to my artistic expression, while expanding my architectural mind , but gradually, the artistic activity became more and more important, so eventually I landed in the arts for a full time experience. My work uses the re-treatment of images, mixing paintings, photographs and digital, in a process that starts with brush and paint and ends with scanning and digital collage. As a result of this experience with a diversity of techniques, I develop a constuction work, using different elements, reflecting the complex processes of construction of the city itself, the contemporary babel in which we are imerse.

I also like to work in small sizes, to experiment and discover with graphics and colors, so, I use my artmoney production as part of my working process.

2013 – O Artista Arquiteto - Centro Cultural Oscar Niemeyer, Goiânia, Brazil
2011– Mapas Urbanos – solo exhibition at As Arquitetas Architecture Office - Rio de Janeiro
2011 – Differences and Similarities, Urban Dialogues, Exhibition Center De Bijl, Zoersel, Belgium
2009 – APW Arts, Long Island City, NY
2009 – "The Queen's Sky", LP Projects, Long Island City, NY
2008 – Digital Art for A Healthy Planet, Huan Tie Art Museum, Beijing, China
2008 – Trust 100%, Silkeborg, Denmark
2008 – U8, Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC, Canada
2008 – Norman Parish Gallery, Washington DC
2006 – Group show Oppidan, about where we live, the urban landscape - Cube Gallery, Ottawa
2005 – Koopkunst Gallery, Rotterdam
2004 – Imaginary Maps – solo exhibition at Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste, Fortaleza, Brazil