"Brændt barn lugter ilde"

Serial no.: Carsten Munch-2015 / 0925
owned by Carsten Munch
  • Style: Figurative
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Glass
  • Thickness: Above 2 mm

Glass-plate / 4mm. / diff. powder-colours / hand-made scabelon-girl motif. Fused in 820 degr.C.

I was inspired by this very impressive motif of a little girl,- originally reaching out for a switch,- to turn on the light. It is originally made by graffiti Artists that had the great courage to do their "job" in Tjernobyl. I modified it a bit,- in a morbid direction.

Price: 200,00 DKK
Shipping fee: 50,00 DKK