Serial no.: HolgerMadsen-2014-00-00
owned by Holger Madsen
  • Style: Abstract
  • Color: Black / White
  • Material: Paper
  • Thickness: Below 2 mm

Holger Madsen:
Relations / Abstract 

This unfinished artmoney is exposed to give you a view into my workshop. 
I often work with computer-assisted drawing as a beginning. 
Later to be worked over by hand. 

It belongs to a series of 16 artmoney by Holger Madsen 2006 called Family life. 
The series intention is to show stages of making art-money ... 
The whole series can be seen as a flow:

Since the series is electronic, the actual artmoney on paper will vary in its concrete physical manifestation. 
This drawing will only be sold in a new manifestation, including a color-update of some kind, which could be influenced somehow by the interested person, according to special agreements ... 

Price: USD 50.00
Shipping fee: USD 10.00