Swing it baby...

Serial no.: mARTin-2016-008
owned by mARTin
  • Style: Portrait
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Paper
  • Thickness: Below 2 mm

This one started with a loose sketch using one of my modified Steadler mars graphic 3000 with a green color. I redrew it with black continued tinting  with W&N pigment markers and started to experiment using different liquid colors mixed wet in wet. In case it might interest you they where: Sennelier vert foncé shellac based ink, Ecoline, printer ink, Marabu fashion spray, blue ink for fountain pens and water. When dry i touched up with an 0.05 mm artliner and posca acryllic markers. I should maybe have been using a more robust paper than Viking variant 17 as this one makes some crumbles when you work too much wet in wet... - but hey! I like to go against the grains some times. That´s how you learn new stuff and explore new techniques, right?


Price: USD 50.00
Shipping fee: USD 5.00