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Bethina Meineche
Born 1968

I have always been creative and worked with colors in various ways. I have painted for many years. Work with acrylics, oil chalks, pencil and ink and often have many layers in my paintings. The painting rarely has a predetermined motif, but starts with an unconscious process which gradually becomes more and more aware. I work in the abstract with an element of something identifiable and try to tell a story, which can be pieced together from different fragments. I leave it to each beholder's imagination to tell his or hers owns story

I create my pictures based on reflections about life. Changes, nuances, the everyday events, the meeting of people, the movability in life and feelings that emerge from incomprehensible places.
All the things, which in some way or another must be brought together in our life. All the things, which if we focus, creates awareness .


Randers Kunstskole v/maler Niels Frank 2004-
Individuel vejledning og samarbejde v/ Bjarne Riis Nygaard 2005-
Grafik undervisning v/Pia Skogberg
Undervisning af Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholt
Undervisning af Adam Gabriel 2014

Undervisning af Marianne Markvad 2015
Medlem af DBF