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My glass designs express my love of nature, the play of light, working with colors and texture. I’m just at the beginning of my exploration of the endless possibilities of fused glass art.

My love for the beauty of glass began as a child on a rainy day trip to York Minster. I was standing in a dimly lit cold cloister off to the side of the main aisle when suddenly the sun came out illuminating a huge stained glass window. A literal explosion of light washing me with warm colors, dancing and lighting every crevice around me.

It’s always been in my nature to make things, crafting and creating with any medium I could lay my hands on, but I never really thought of myself as an artist until I took some classes a few years ago thinking it might be fun.

That day set me on the journey I’ve been on since. First, I realized I had a creative life inside me that was real and had to get it out, and second, I learned art was a thing you could study and pursue as an adult.

There’s something technically demanding about glass that keeps me engaged, you have to precisely control temperature, understand chemistry, and try to practice good time management all at the same time.

The intensity and variety of color in glass still intrigues me, and who doesn’t like experimenting with 1500 degrees of heat to melt stuff!

It’s really pretty amazing.