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I find Artmoney in it`s size / format ( 12x18 cm.),- quite a challenge !  It`s funny to try oneself out. Keep it simple I tell myself  ! Sometimes I do,- and sometimes I`m ”lost” in details. Discipline is the Art,- for me. If you add up 10 times 12 cm`s and the other way ”down” 18 cm`s,- You have quite a grown up picture.  (120x180 cm`s)- and an absolutely fair price ,- don’t You think ?...Details and size matters !...At least for me. Every picture tells a story.

I was educated as a Craftsman ( Glass & Ceramics ),- at The School of Arts and Crafts in Cph. I spend one year in Japan on a ceramic workshop ( Hagi-Jo Gama ) The main product for all ceramic workshops in Hagi is the Tea-Ceremoni-Pottery (Hagi-Yaki )…a well known, and respected pottery discipline all over Japan. In 2013 I participated in an international Art-exhibition in Gongju / Korea with two other danish artists. I`ve had only a few exhibitions in Denmark,- but then again I participate in local exhibitions where I live,- and have my own little Gallery : ”Klap Hesten” in Nordby,- the ”Capital” city on the small island of Fanø / Denmark.