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Reynosa Mexico / Edinburg Tx
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Born on January 2, 1979, in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico & actually live in Pharr, Texas.
I’m an autodidact artist that lived divorce as daughter, sister, wife & mother. My studies were suspended during high school to become a very young wife at 17.
I've always marveled at the diversity & beauty of things around me. Music lover & strongly attracted to the "why" of human behavior.
I basically believe that freedom belongs to our mind, & I always follow my 2 golden guidelines: responsibility & respect. Life is all about perception, so I choose to sublimate the beauty in it, to feel it, to live it & to enjoy it. I enjoy imagining emotions that i did not experimented yet or that don't belong into my reality, as well as my own feelings taking color and shape in movement. What impulses me to share my perceptions, this is why my hunger for painting, where the only rule is " pure pure expression "
I feel very thankful that you share your time & your fine attention joining my virtual manifestation, as i hope you enjoy "my universe" that I share to the world. Because we all are part of the beauty of the universe.

Enjoy Life
Thanks & Welcome