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I released My first ARTMONEY DVD Walkings& Sittings in september 2009 in 69 ex. They are sold out

The second DVD Letters from Berlin: Walkies & Talkies is created with Lennox Raphael , who is doing the Walkies & Talkies under an umbrella. We did five days work in Berlin back in 2012 , Where We visited sights that are known by millions. Since then Lennox and I have been working on several projects

We released Letters from Berlin in Dadapost in Berlin in 2013 during the first Berlin Soup which Lennox Raphael and I have curated since then. Untill now We have curated Berlin Soup in PB 43, Copenhagen 2014 and in WestGermany in Berlin , april 2015. Berlin Soup 2016 is under construction. Take a look at facebook and
In the near future We Will release: Howling like Virginia Woolf based on Lennox Raphaels mindblowing poem Howling like.............
I have worked with video since the 80's and curated since the end of 70's
Working 25 years a an librarian and 43 years as an ARTLOVER

I came across Artmoney back in 97 when Lars Christian Kræmmer told about his concept . I immediately bought his first five Artmoney.
Artmoney is here to stay!