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Leonty Feofanovich Kostur (June 16, 1947, the village of Teklyovka, Sharhorod district, Vinnitsa region) is a Ukrainian autodidact artist (ceramist, painter, stage designer).
He studied at the Lugansk Art College (1963), the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography (1968), attended classes at the graphics department of the Leningrad Art Institute. I. Repin (1969).
Lives in Sumy since 1990. In Sumy, he was an artist in the Drama and Musical Comedy Theater. M. Shchepkina (2007).
Creates paintings and author's sculptures from ceramics and wood, which figuratively recreate the world of folk customs, rituals, everyday life.
His style was called "Kostourism".
Participant of all-Ukrainian exhibitions (since 2006). Personal exhibitions in local history museums in Sumy (2006), Kharkov (2008) and Putivl (2009). Personal exhibitions in the municipal gallery of Sumy (2009), in the national reserve "Sofia Kyiv" (2010). The works are stored in the above-mentioned institutions and private collections. Works "Triad", "Body", "Kozupitsya" (all 2007), "Morovitsa", "Kotiga", "Clousula" (all 2008), etc.
June 16, 2022, #KosTurGallery is open in Sumy