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Grew up in Bueno Aires i Southamerica with Italian mother and Danish father.
When she was 10, the family moved to Denmark.

When she was young she moved to a Kibbutz in Israel, where she got the chance to start to practice art, and she wanted to become an artist.

Back in Denmark she studied gastronomy and onology in wine.

That got her to a stay in France with further studies within onology, but also to study further within the artscene, developing her obvious talent.

After her time in France, a new opportunity came up for art classes in The International Artschool in Florence, Italy.

”I experienced a strong reunion with Southamerica, where I, with my backpack, traveled around Argentine, where I was born, after wich the trip went to Paraguay, Uruguay and Brasil, with unforgettable experiences from Iguazu waterfalls and Amazone river.”

1994 Artschool , Florence, Italy.
1993 Artschool , Southamerica.
1988 Artschool, France.
1981 Kibbutz, Israel.