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Erklæring om kunstneren Marianne Lykkeberg


Marianne Lykkeberg er født i 1952 i Danmark

Hun blev uddannet ved Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi, 1979 - 1985, med / professor, billedhugger Robert Jacobsen og professor-Richard Winther- og Dan Sterup Hansen. 

Den store danske forfatter Jytte Borbjerg hævder Marianne Lykkebergs kunst i Fjaltring, Danmark 2005:

" The images transmits codes and secret signals that confronts me with what I yearn most, and what I fear the most, without daring to put it into words ." 

Marianne Lykkeberg started her artistic career at the age of 14  to learn Egyptian tapestry by tapestryweawer- Tove Heymann in Lyngby, Denmark. Since Marianne could not move forward only with the colors expression, she went to the Glyptotek to learn classical drawing and painting craft by drawing naturalistic and ancient sculptures .Her art divided here into two different tracks: first, the bound , drawing tasks and then Marianne’s very own imaginative, original oil paintings and aquarelles.

 Marianne Lykkeberg was educated at the Royal, Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen 1979-85 as a student of the world- renowned professor, artist Robert Jacobsen. She has received many scholarship residences  in Denmark and in France. From 1992-2008,she was

the leader of the cultural and exhibition venue Atelier Bro, where more than 100 fine artists have exhibited and ditto classical musicians from  all around the world have given concerts ..She won the second prize for her logo to COP15 in Copenhagen, denmark 2009.


Marianne Lykkeberg says about her life as an artist:

“In interaction between reality and myth, story and light, I try as an observational and reflective modern individual to express my strong sensory inputs and picturesque manifestations on the canvas. In the paintings  I am struggling in a life and death process, where the contradictions: light and darkness, love and hate, faith and doubt ,and hope and dispair changes. When inspiration hits me, I am going to the depts of painting, and I follow  the subconscious and usually move through unexperienced waters.

In the last 20 years, in the summer I have chosen to stay and paint by the coast of the rough North Sea .From this area derives many of my maritime world paintings that imaginatively fantasizes about the human race existence. I also and  paint the countryside in the uttermost sea. I also do musical pictures inspired by classic masters compositions, human landscapes often with mythological subjects and from events at

our time and history, as well as daily life still leben, animals and bird motifs, portraits, model studio pictures , calligraphs and religious motifs .

In the last 5 years I have focused on making stained glass windows and is  receiving a scholarship to experience with stained glass and double glazing from the world-famous, Danish factory Velux.”

Om malerprocessen siger hun: ”Jeg vil sige, at maleri for mig er en lidenskab og et kald. Siden jeg gik på Det Kongelige Danske Akademi, har den været med arbejde, og jeg maler hver dag hele året rundt. Efter mange år som professionel kunstner bæres mine kunstværker stadig af spontanitet og øjeblikkelig farve og fortællingsglæde. Du finder tre lag af bevidsthed i mine kunstværker - først et øjeblikkeligt spontant, - så et ideologisk fortællingslag og til sidst et eksistentiel, meget dybt lag.

I øjeblikket arbejder jeg sammen med Velux Foundation og det verdensberømte arkitektstudie 'Henning Larsen Architects'to dekorere nye bygninger med min opfindelse glasmalerier med dobbeltvinduer med lys ”


                                                (Citat af Marianne Lykkeberg 2018)