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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Tel: +34 675084476
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Illustrations with shapes and designs of our environment in an organic support.
Each drawing is directly or indirectly connected with nature.

Marina Zárate was born in Alicante in 1970 near the sea and the countryside, which made her love nature since childhood.
Always fascinated with getting her hands dirty, she obtains different titles as a ceramist and designer.
Self-taught, he likes to investigate new techniques.

In 2007 he moved to Gran Canaria where he combined work with his artistic side.
Currently, investigating new techniques and textures.

2006 "Màndalas" exhibition, 25 paintings exclusively made with graphite technique, all of which were sold. Art Galery (Alicante)

2007 Design t-shirts for the brand "Mariuka" (Alicante)

2019 "Organic" exhibition in Art Galery Soppa de Azul (Gran Canaria)

2019 "Ecocidio" exhibition in Art Galery Soppa de Azul (Gran Canaria)

2019 "Mujeres Venusianas" in Art Galery La Caldereta - Excmo. Ayuntamiento de la Vega de San Mateo (Gran Canaria)

2019 "Blue December" in Artmoney Galery - Frederiksberg (Copenhagen)