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Hi there folks. My name is Martin Silz. I was born in Rødovre in 1965. The time we are given is a true treassure and I have always felt, that when you spend it by drawing, painting, sculpting, building, writing songs or writing lyrics and stuff like that - when you create something simply because it just feels good to do so. That is one of the most satisfying ways to spend your time. I am finding joy in every little doodle I make. In my daytime job I work as an illustrator and art director so I'm fortunate enough to be able to do it all the time - draw, illustrate, design, paint and do creative stuff - and I love it. When the summer kicks in and I have the opportunity to paint some larger canvases outdoors, I really enjoy doing so in my sparetime and especially during my summer vacation. I don't have a studio space at the moment. When I discovered artmoney I thought WOW! what a great idea. But it took me some years to actually join the community - I have absolutely not had any regrets about that decision. I am finding it both fun and empowering to grab the handy little format of 120 mm by 180 mm and fill it out with something in an artfull way. I have always loved to experiment with different techniques, styles and graphical effects. That is exactly my intention with my artmoney. I will try out lots of different styles so the overall impression might vary quite a bit. But as you already know: I'm enjoying it and I hope you will too.