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Her upbringing and studies in France, Denmark and Ireland inspire Henriette Rude Brytygier’s artistic expression. Influences of celtic and southern european medieval art can be traced in her work, as well as influences from art nouveau movements such as the pre-raphaelites and the artists behind the Vienna secession.

Her images tell abstract stories about the self, it’s feelings, and the struggle to be recognized with all one’s realities and narratives as opposed to what others see and decide. Her work also examines themes about trying to keep up with ones thoughts and the right to one’s body.

Henriette Rude Brytygier is educated in academic drawing at ‘Den klassiske Tegneskole’ in Copenhagen, but her style has the past few years transformed into a more organic expression circling around thoughts and feelings. Her series ”the workings of my mind”, ”Invisible Narratives” and ”my body my temple” are all examples of her particular matured style.

Her works are original works original with India Ink, acrylic paint and/or graphite.