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Outi Turpeinen (b. 1971) is a visual artist-designer and an art expert who has had exhibitions internationally since 1993. In her own art works, she mainly works with spatial installations, where themes often concentrate on museum problematics and our past. In last years she has exhibited in Helsinki, Dt Petersburg, Beijing, Faroe Islands and Barcelona.

“In the field of Finnish design Outi Turpeinen epitomises a contemporary artist who has broadened her expression from glass design to environmental works, artistic projects of a social and pedagogical nature, spatial design and video works. The surprising character, layering and even humorous content of art are all displayed in her works.” (Artist of the Year/ Ornamo 2012)

She has MA degree (ceramics and glass 1998) and Doctor of Arts degree 2005 from the Aalto University, Helsinki, where she has been also lecturing. Turpeinen has also been lecturing and giving talks in various seminars and conferences in museums and universities both in Finland and internationally. Lately Turpeinen has been mainly working with public art as an artist, a curator and a consultant. Previouslyshe worked as a public art expert in Arts Promotion Centre, Finland. She is also a member of board for the Finnish State Art Committee (National Gallery). At the moment she works as the Art Coordinator of the Aalto University in Helsinki.