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I was born in 1958 on a farm in the countryside near Silkeborg, Denmark, the youngest of four children. My childhood was under the spell of colours that caught my eyes and soul during the many hours of labour in the fields. Watching the sun playing with the clouds, raindrops glinting on leaves, the warm bodies of the cows during milking, partly formed my natural talent as an artist. The urge to express myself came and is still coming from within, regardless of any trend in the art world.

My visions evolve from the turmoil of events and emotions I encounter on my way through life. Like a symbiosis of organic cells interacting with mine, tales of the past and the future arise. The colours are my lovers, the sun my happiness, the moon my secret. I have become a house of glass for others to see through to another level.
I cannot define or analyse my world of art, since I do not understand it completely myself, even after 30 years of painting! Creating for me is not a wish, but a desire from within, something I settle with Heaven and Earth. It is not thought, but emotion. Sometimes in life you lie in the darkness, dreaming about light. Other times the light is so strong that you prefer darkness.
Over the past years it happens from time to time that I’m possessed by words, bewildered as to why I cannot paint. Poetry forces its way through my head and onto the paper, offering me no possibility to escape or postpone the event. Twenty years ago I created handmade books in a mix of text and illustration. Two of these books are now to be found in the DADA library of MoMA in New York. What is still in my dream world is that someone will drop by and compose music to some of the lyrics have written.
Creating is my lifelong love affair. I hope you can sense the spell too, in your own way, while watching my visions transferred to reality.