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Stefano La Rocca was born in Rome on 11/04/70.

After 15 years working as an architect (dedicated to bio-ecological constructions and treehouses- and 5 as a skipper, he leaves Italy to make his dreams of traveling and painting come true. For almost 12 years he has dedicated himself to painting and to the organization of events related to art, music, culture and cooking-nutrition. He has participated in numerous competitions and exhibitions in Italy, in the Canary Islands, Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia, where he has a painting kept in a museum ("The Presentation" house-museum of art and culture, Cartagena). While traveling he left many murals in Mexico and Guatemala. The artist's work is almost always configured as experiments of study and research of new language and different styles and therefore turns out to be very differentiated, and always changing, ranging from black and white, to color, and over time moving away from purely descriptive and sometimes coming to use resin, plastic, sand, acrylic glue and supports of different materials such as wood, vinyl and cardboard.

Finally, we should remember the many experiments started 10 years ago, of JAM-PAINTING, of collaborations with other artists or improvisations with people in the street, such as the SLOW DOWN event in Costa Rica, or COMP-ARTE, aimed at research of the harmony of the totality of a group of people in the same support and participation, which have brought diversity and richness to the work of the artist himself.