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I’m from 1959 and born in Copenhagen. I’ve had a brush in my hand for the last 42 years, due to my work at Royal Copenhagen  (now called Fiskars) as a blue flutet painter, however, for the last 3 years in the Flora Danica team,  where I’m the one, who is lettering (with pen and ink) the Latin flowername, on each piece of Flora Danica (some of the most exclusive dinnerware in the World). I started drawing and painting in my spare time 2 years ago (in 2016). Everything around me inspires me, shapes, shadows, colors, lines. All my Artmoney are handdrawn/paint from start to finish. I use pencil, colorpencils, fineliners, Copic Caio Markers, acrylic, watercolor and Posca Markers. In my gallery, and on my website you can see more of my art. Some of my drawings there, are drawn with ApplePencil on my Ipad Pro, where I have the opportunity to go all the way down to the details, while others are drawn on paper and then processed digital.