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Added ArtMoney contunuously becomes for sale. Watch the space!

Mbro88. Updated October 2015

Current relationsip to making ArtMoney!

Making these reminded me of my own boyhood when I collected picture cards, tea cards, bubble gum cards, cigarette cards etc.

In fact such cards were my first real playground , yet serious child money. I often traded them, for other cards of perceived greater value and rarity, yet also for other things, as if money. I am certain that this is the appeal ArtMoney has for me!

In this spirit I have endeavoured to create singular, yet conjoined pieces of ArtMoney, from the point of view of them being art in their own right, and collectable in another!

Series One and Two

Experimental mixed media with acrylic paint. 

Envisaged as a collage component in rectangles approximately 3mm thick which can juxtapose each other if collected to make up a larger abstract from ArtMoney.

Each Art piece is an original work, created in the spirit of ArtMoney. The paintings are upon board. Each single Artmoney work piece is part of a single series and these are identified clearly on the back side of the work in writing and a QR block, with its unique and singular serial number, together with a reference to a musical work which influenced its creation during its making and which you could access!

The works themselves are controlled abstraction of actions and thoughts, and practice.

I do hope you enjoy them.

I am further making available enlarged prints of my highlight picks of each series. These are available through SunnyStudio's TM at Society 6 from MBro88.

Remember though ArtMoney are the only originals!

*** Please note that many pieces, which were scanned for this site are, by digital default, unable to fully reproduce their lustre and iridescence, especially in the silver, gold and other metallic ranges and some colours. There is no way around this, aside that is, from seeing and holding the real thing in real time!

Tony — Mbro88

Currently painting in a studio practice capacity. 

Current work in acrylic and mixed media 2015 on...